Training about power of will and how to attract chances of success

Local council of Ain Al-dawwarah, Tripoli

Wednesday and Thursday 21-22 December, 2016

This training session was successfully held in cooperation with Sofara Tanmia global academy specialized in human development with headquarters in England. This session was presented by Dr. Munther Elharm, international trainer at the academy and  member of the Assembly of Libyan Academics and Experts. This session was attended by a number of brothers and sisters from various institutions in Libya. This training course is one of the courses that ALAE has always endeavoured to offer and organize for the benefit of society and good of the country. We express our thanks to all who attended the session and extend our sincere gratitude to the local council for hosting the session.

Training session outlines

The course aims to teach the trainees how to strengthen the will to achieve their own goals, how to improve self-awareness and strengthen the attention factor in order to capture opportunities, and improve the level of self-confidence by promoting psychological freedom and controlling emotions.

The training session focuses on the concept of the will, its basic elements, how it is related to the law of conciliation, the four levels of will (objectiveness, mental picture, certainty, attention), and how to create the power of readiness (vision and initiative), and also how opportunities are manifested and ways to capture them. The course also concentrates on mental visualization of goals and promotion of incentives to create opportunities, the meaning of reception and how to improve the level of awareness and readiness, and the strategy to increase chances of success.