Training about how to make a turning point in your life

     Al-Shabab sports club

     Saturday 17 March, 2018

This short training session was held in cooperation with Sofara Tanmia global academy, specialized in human development with its headquarters based in England. This session was presented by Dr. Munther Elharm, international trainer at the academy and  member of the Assembly of Libyan Academics and Experts. The event was attended by people from various institutions in Libya. This training course is one of the courses that ALAE has always endeavoured to offer and organize for the benefit of society. We express our thanks and sincere gratitude to Al-Shabab sports club for hosting the event.

Course outlines

  • How to learn strategies for change
  • How to move from the comfort zone to the area of ​​courage and challenge
  • How to be distinctive and influential
  • How to become a successful and effective person